Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Photo Repair Service

Memories are the part of our lives. Though we keep these memories in our heart and mind but still those special moments we capture in the form of photographs and cherish throughout the life. Earlier photographs used to be black and white in colour; the method of clicking the picture was also different. But modern technology has replaced it completely with new resources.

 There are lots of companies who provide photo correction services across the globe. The best part of photo repair service is you don’t need to visit them personally. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Wedding Photo Restoration

I hate my pic is a website of choice for all those who are looking for photo restoration and photo retouching services. Over the period of time, our pictures get torn, cracks, water stains and our heart touching memories gets faded. But can we really help it? Off course we can get your photos retouch and photo restore
 Alex Garofalo, owner of the company proposed the idea of retouching photographs after he retouched his brother’s wedding photos.

We strive to provide guaranteed results up to your expectations else will not accept payments. We are Los Angeles CA based company provide services on the net and offline. We have a monopoly in fixing up all the damaged photos in time. When we talk about price, our prices are incomparable in the market.
We offer retouch- up services throughout the world. You just need to scan your photo graph and email it to us. Mention your specifications and we will be back to you in a day or two. Once you approve it we will send you the final photograph. We have a team of four photo retouchers who work efficiently. We can restore each and every photo. 

Our services includes portrait retouch where we adjust your tone, color and contrast, removes acne, blackness, add or remove make up etc. In wedding photo touch up, we can blur the background, sharpen the subject, remove red eye, add or remove people. Restoring old photos include change black and white color, fix or add borders and frames. 
Your pet is also the part of your family; restore photograph your pet photos – a little kitty, a fish or a pig or dog. Restore their child hood photos and show the beautiful look of your pet to your friends. 

Apart from this our other service includes body enhancements, travel retouch, makeup retouch, action retouch, landscape retouch, product retouch, beauty retouch and real estate retouch.

Get Your Photos Restored at I Hate My Pic.com

  Photos are the memories for life time and if they get spoiled, your old beautiful moments which you have captured and kept very near to your heart will be a pain. In this era, there are lots of modern techniques su
ch as photo restoration through which you can get your picture back as perfect as before it was corrupted I hate mypic.com specializes in restoring the photos, digital photo repair or designing, repair damaged photo.
Whether you want to change the background of your photo, you want to remove a person from your photo, change the color of your photo, you want to add a person in your photo and your photo is completely blurred all your wishes will come true at just one stop destination i.e. I hate mypic.com photo restoration services will give a life to your photos. Either you bring in your photos or email your photos or document. You inform us what you would like to change in your photograph and we will accomplish the work.
We are also specializes in image enhancement and photo enlargement. At I hate my pic.com we strive in providing the personal service to all our clients we work with. In addition, we also work on wedding photography restoration. Keeping the fact in mind wedding is the life time memory and if your old wedding photos and audio visuals are spoiled with some marks and paint. We guarantee to retouch old photos and brighten your life again with old cherish able memories.
Apart from this, we help you with few other things such as removing shadows, black and white color, adding color, remove marks from wedding also we can merge two portraits in one photo in such a manner that photo will look perfect. Our key advantage is that we don’t consume much time.
We are expertise in all kind of photo repair like water damage heavily creased photo, ripped and torn photo, cracked and flaky photo, removing distractions from the photo, heavy water damage photo. So just have a check on your past memories and send all the damage photos to restore and then share your photos with your next generation.
Last but not the least as far as the pricing is concerned either you can check the prices from our website or just send your photos with the query we will accordingly inform you the cost. You don’t need to worry for the prices as we are very cost effective.